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Iron Orchid Designs (IOD) Decor Moulds

These versatile moulds can be used to transform furniture, home decor, baked goods, soaps, jewelry, and anything else your creative mind can conceive. The IOD Décor Moulds are crafted from materials that are safe for food use (avoid using the same set for both food and crafts). 


IOD Décor Molds can be utilized with different mediums, the two most common options being air dry clay and casting resins.  Each medium possesses its own unique characteristics, challenges, and advantages.

1. Air dry clay or paper clay: IOD paper clay is an air-drying artist grade medium that we particularly adore. Like most paper pulp-based air dry clays, it may exhibit some shrinking, warping, and cracking as inherent qualities. We appreciate these features as they contribute to a distressed, authentically vintage appearance. To apply moulded pieces, we recommend removing them from the mould while they are still moist and securing them to the surface using the appropriate glue for a good fit. For vertical surfaces, use a piece of low tack tape to hold the piece in place and prevent sliding.

In most cases, a release agent is unnecessary as the casting will come out of the mould without any issues. However, if you encounter sticking problems, a light dusting of simple cornstarch or arrowroot can be an excellent choice as a release agent.

2. Casting resins: There are excellent pourable resins available that offer entirely different qualities compared to paper clay. These resins do not shrink or warp, and the castings they produce are more consistent. These characteristics can be advantageous depending on your project. If you need to shape the castings to fit a curved surface, it can be accomplished by removing them from the mould before they completely harden.

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SUNFLOWERS - IOD Decor Moulds™
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TRIMMINGS 3 - IOD Decor Moulds™
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