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Iron Orchid Designs (IOD) Decor Moulds

Elevate your creativity with IOD Decor Moulds.  Crafted from materials safe for food use (avoid dual-use for food and crafts), these versatile moulds open up a world of artistic opportunities for furniture, home decor, baked goods, soaps, jewelry and more.


IOD Décor Molds seamlessly adapt to different mediums, with air dry clay and casting resins being the primary choices. Each medium boasts its distinctive characteristics, challenges, and advantages.

  1. Air Dry Clay or Paper Clay: Embrace the artistic charm of IOD paper clay, an air-drying medium adored for its unique vintage appeal. While inherent qualities like shrinking, warping, and cracking contribute to a distressed appearance, we recommend removing moulded pieces while moist. Secure them to surfaces with the appropriate glue for a perfect fit. For vertical surfaces, use low tack tape to prevent sliding during the drying process.

    In most instances, a release agent is unnecessary, but if sticking issues arise, a light dusting of cornstarch or arrowroot serves as an effective release agent.

  2. Casting Resins: Discover the distinct qualities of pourable resins that offer consistency without shrinkage or warping, making them ideal for various projects. If your project requires shaping castings to fit curved surfaces, remove them from the mould before complete hardening. Explore the advantages of casting resins for a polished and consistent finish tailored to your creative vision.

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Roses 6x10 Decor Moulds™
  • $28.99

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