Wise Owl Heavy Metals Metallic Gilding Paint


Our Heavy Metals Metallic Gilding Paint were created to add that little extra touch to your decorative projects. Brighten an antique picture frame. Highlight edging on an heirloom oak table. Add bright details to a vintage serving cart.



Heavy Metals Metallic Gilding Paint is the next best thing to real gilding. In fact, it’s better! Heavy Metals is far less expensive than gold leaf and it’s easier to use. Goes on smoothly, never wrinkles and is very durable. Plus, there are several beautiful metallic shades for a wide range of projects. Add highlights to an antique hutch. Create gorgeous wooden knob pulls for a refinished dresser or desk.

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Set of 6, Mercury, Copper, Cleopatra Gold, Rose Gold, Pearl, Bronze


4 oz, 8 oz, Set of all 6 colors 4 oz

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