One Hour Enamel Clear Coat


Our revolutionary One Hour Enamel clear coat finish is available in three sheens. Choose from Matte, Satin or Semi Gloss. Depend on its finish that is harder than trigonometry.



Our revolutionary waterborne clear coat finish is available in three sheens.  It is fast drying, 90% cured within four hours after dry and 100% cured in 14 days.  May be applied over our chalk synthesis line and is excellent added protection to floors painted with our One Hour Enamel paint.

Clear Coat has the same durable acrylic finish as One Hour Enamel Paint. That’s what makes it perfect for sealing painted floors so the paint color shines through as beautiful as when it was first applied.

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Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss


Quart, Gallon

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